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Will this injury never heal?  Will I be ever be able to ______ the same again?  Is pain just a part of aging?  Do I have to live in pain like this for the rest of my life?


Though I can't guarantee results as profound as the clients featured below have experienced, I can confidently state that Massage Conscious likely holds the answers you've been looking for.  I feel this way because many of my clients express that my methods have succeeded where all else has failed.  But please, don't take my word for it...

Work with me, and soon YOU can have your very own healing testimonial posted below! 

Evan Grovenstein

  Evan is a nurse, currently in graduate school at UGA studying to become a doctor.  He is also an amazing yoga instructor!  I am fortunate enough to have taken his wonderful classes.  After his SECOND Massage Conscious session, he writes:

"I had been dealing with lower back pain for years from repeated trauma from patient lifting as a nurse in the Emergency Department.  I had tried literally everything since to try to ameliorate the pain; from multiple doctors visits and drug regimens, physical therapy, acupuncture, inversion table, trigger point therapy, numerous OTHER massage therapists for probably close to 50 sessions and none of it helped until I went to Tyler for the first time.  After the first visit the scar tissue in my lumbar spine was reduced by close to 60% and I had great functional improvements and pain relief.  Having been to him a couple of times now I am confident that the scar tissue will go to 0 and he would have truly healed my injury, which no other practitioner was able to do.  If you are looking for true healing from a true healer, look no further."

-Evan, nurse & yoga instructor 

Amy Fleshman

  A former UGA undergrad, Amy is now a microbiologist residing in Colorado, where she works to improve Lyme disease diagnostics.  She enjoys her free time in nature hiking and running with her two dogs.  Yoga and meditation are also a big part of her life.  After investing in herself through the Massage Conscious lifestyle, she writes:

"Tyler has, without exaggeration, changed my life.  After a bad accident several years ago, I had gotten quite accustomed to living with debilitating back and neck pain.  I saw all kinds of massage therapists and chiropractors, but never could find any lasting relief.  Once I began working with Tyler, all of that changed.  To say that Tyler is skilled is a vast understatement.  He is truly a healer.  He works on all my problem areas, as well as the areas connected to those problem areas (many of which I never knew were connected).  His massages are not simply a “quick fix,” but rather a retraining of the body to be back in correct alignment, providing lasting relief and progress towards complete healing.  Not only does he work on me and with me during the appointment- often doing dynamic stretches and exercises to facilitate neuromuscular changes- but he sends me home with stretches and exercises that I can do on my own time.  In addition to helping me with severe back and neck pain, Tyler has alleviated my knee pain, shin splints, and TMJ pain.  Tyler is kindhearted and soft-spoken, and his passion for healing others is evident to everyone he works with.  Thanks to Tyler, my eyes have been opened to the power of massage therapy and to a world without pain!"

- Amy, microbiologist & yogi

Julian Goddard

  Julian is a musician; he is a guitarist and teacher.  He practices yoga regularly and has had a great experience working with me!  After some time with Massage Conscious session, he writes:

"I can’t recommend Massage Conscious more wholeheartedly.  Tyler was a huge catalyst for the overall betterment of my body.  His bodywork is as intense as you want it to be, and if you want less intensity he’ll meet you there.  His wealth of knowledge really shows immediately as you feel yourself melt into the table and relearning how to use your muscles, finding long-forgotten levels of muscular relaxation, but also off the table, as he gives you great exercises to take home to really get the most out of the work.  My lower back and forearm pain were significantly reduced after only a couple sessions."

 -Julian, musician & yogi

Ginni Durham

Ginni currently holds the title for longest migration of any Massage Conscious client!  Perhaps the biggest compliment to my practice to date, she has found such relief in my bodywork methods that she has driven from her home in West Virginia specifically to see me in Georgia for 8 HOURS of detailed rehabilitative work over 4 days.  The transformation was profound to say the least.  Even before the aforementioned Massage Conscious marathon, she had this to say:

"I respect and admire massage therapy I have appreciated massage therapy for many years.  A rotator cuff tear years before diagnosis and surgery was relieved by massage.  I know that massage had made a difference in my recovery after knee surgery!  I enjoy the relaxation of massage, too.  But NEUROMUSCULAR massage was a new phrase for me.  I think it is not only neuromuscular massage but Tyler's gifts of intuition and passion that make this experience so amazing.  I appreciate the knowledge Tyler imparted as well as his healing touch.  Perhaps, some would say a 73 year old body is surely going to have aches and pains.  These past months particularly that would seem the case.  Mild scoliosis and cervical vertebra issues seem to have combined with many stressors over many many years to impair the normal muscular functioning seriously.  Tyler could explain it all, I'm sure.  I don't know how it all came together to create a chronic pain that touched everything in my life.  A wonderful and caring functional medicine nurse practitioner, an ENT doctor, a chiropractor, a dentist, and an orthopedic group have not been able to do what Tyler accomplished in several hours of neuromuscular massage.  So many factors determine our wellness and our dis-ease and our healing.  I'm thankful for this accidental meeting in the little town of Lavonia and the change in my life.  Tyler Barfield is a Super Hero to me.  I would bet that I'm even a "taller" person because of Tyler!  Thank you, Tyler!"

-Ginni, retired

Kathy Moore

Kathy is a former special education provider turned social worker.  Regular massage helps keep her engine running smoothly.  After a few sessions working with me while I was still in school, she expressed to me:

"Probably the most impactful work that you did for me was when you released my diaphragm.  I was able to freely breath well for the first time in years.  I wish that every person who suffers from allergy and asthma could have you do this work with them.  The second most helpful (and it is a close second) is the carpel tunnel work you did on my forearms.  I had been in pain for well over a year, seen a physical therapist, and been careful not to re-injure, but nothing truly helped.  When you did the release work that day I walked out with no pain and it stayed away.  I have gone to several other massage therapists over the years, but you have been my favorite by far.  Your willingness to make me a partner in healing, your sharing of your expertise, and your honesty in pursuing more understanding when there is an area you don't know yet how best to address, all together with a gentle soul make you an amazing massage therapist."

- Kathy, teacher & social worker

Gwen Walters

  Retired, Gwen is now a self proclaimed puppy mama!  She spent much time behind a desk in her working days.  An injury led to us meeting.  After her FIRST Massage Conscious session, she writes:

"About nine months ago I was diagnosed with a left rotator cuff tear, which also caused a constant tightening of the trapezius muscle to the left of my neck.  I have been doing the exercises in hopes of it healing without surgery.  After nine months I was still at a point that I could not lift my left arm more than half way without a pinching sensation and pain.  The muscle tightening was still there and I hadn't been able to get any pain relief.  I met Tyler at True Health Chiropractic and decided to give his massage techniques a try.  I am so very glad I did.  Within the first 30 minutes I started feeling a loosening of the muscle.  By the end of the massage I could lift my arm completely and the tension in the muscle was finally starting to release.  I could not believe what I was feeling.  I literally cried because after nine months of constant pain I finally was feeling better.  Tyler's massage techniques were nothing I had ever experienced before.  He knows what he is doing and relieved my pain.  I am very grateful and will be seeing him regularly to continue the progress of getting better without the need for surgery.  Thank you so very much.  Please don't hesitate to try a massage from Tyler.  He is very passionate about helping people and loves what he does.  He is a very good listener and knows exactly what to do to get the relief you need!"

-Gwen, retired

Ganine Derleth

Ganine is a former Broadway entertainer and USA Pro-Am champion dancer.  She and her husband own Dancing Gardens in Hartwell, Ga.  She has worked with a variety of holistic medicine providers throughout her career.  After her FIRST Massage Conscious session, she writes:

"Extremely knowledgeable and highly trained, Tyler is a clear channel for healing.  I am thrilled to have found him!  As a professional dancer, my body has been challenged to extremes.  Tyler helped me to restore ease of movement, lengthen and relax muscles, and to release unnecessary painful energy I didn’t realize I had been holding from old injuries.  I felt a tremendous difference after my very first session and look forward to going back.  He truly is a healer who changes lives through massage.  Highly recommended."

-Ganine, world champion dancer

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Tyler Barfield gives an amazing lower body massage which really helped easy my hip tension.  He showed me some really cool myofascial release techniques and also helped me to improve my yoga posture and flow through poses.  Definitely request him if you get the option!!

- Josh, acro yogi & nutrition enthusiast

Tyler is SO wonderful to work with! He has vast knowledge of the anatomy and is able to find exactly the problem areas to work on to tailor the massage to my current situation.  I feel like I have received tons of beneficial therapy every time I walk away from a massage with him - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

- Brie, yoga instructor

"I had a bicycle accident last summer hurting my left shoulder.  I could hardly lift my arm.  Work was painful.  After two treatments with Tyler, he relieved all blockage.  After a few more treatments, I have full range of motion and no pain. Thankful to avoid surgery!"

- Robin, hairdresser