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Strengthen your mind body connection

Becoming massage conscious means becoming body conscious.  This involves massage, stretching, strengthening, and learning about how your body works.  Taking action in your own wellness is the BEST way to achieve your goals.  Here are some links to resources I've found helpful along my own recovery path.

Massage Basics - What is massage?  Learn about the benefits of massage according to Mayo Clinic.

Yoga Poses - See exactly which muscles you're stretching in 36 common yoga poses with these amazing sketches that literally highlight targeted muscle groups.

Vivobarefoot Footwear - As someone who both experiences and professionally treats plantar fasciitis and sciatica symptoms, I can't recommend being barefoot enough.  These shoes let your feet act as nature intends.  Being barefoot encourages one to shift weight off their heels, naturally softening the knees, allowing the hips to relax back, taking tension off the spine all the way up to the neck.  Before I purchased my first pair, I was experiencing numbness in my right foot and toes, mostly sciatica symptoms with some unrelated plantar fasciitis and back pain.  After wearing their shoes for 2 months, my symptoms are almost completely gone, and I am experiencing benefits in my whole body.  There are other barefoot style shoes on the market, but after a ton of research and personal experience, I've found these to be the real deal.  I am about to purchase another pair and completely transition into the Vivobarefoot lifestyle because of how much better I feel.  Do yourself a favor, and save $30 on your first pair.  They even have a 100 day trial period, so you have no excuse!  Please feel free to reach out to me with questions about why barefoot works.

3D Anatomy  - Take a look inside with these interactive 3D musculoskeletal models.

Fascia 101, Isolation vs Integration - Fascia is more of an idea that an actual substance.  "What's new is we are considering it (fascia) as a system."  It describes the system of tissues working together to achieve and hold postures.  "...the bones are not holding up the muscles, it's the other way around, the fascia and the muscles are holding the bones up."

Myofascial Meridians - The myofascial meridians describe the body's functional patterns.  I interpret these patterns as ranges of motion (ROM) the body is capable of achieving beyond a single joint.  This ROM is directly influenced by the ROM of all the joints the lines pass through.  Therefore, when a muscle is compromised, it will affect another muscle, potentially along multiple fascial lines.  You already knew "it is all connected"; this is how.

Iyengar Yoga - I preach this specific yoga because it falls perfectly in line with what we work for in a treatment session.  " has a lot of focus on alignment and on details, and the idea of this is you want to create intelligence and bring awareness and to every part of the body."  I have personally found that by slowing down my practice and getting the simple poses done PROPERLY (a proper table pose is much more difficult than I ever imagined), my overall well being has drastically improved, especially my deep breathing. 

I'm frequently adding new links, check back often!