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How it works

The first session involves detailed postural assessment and setting client goals.  We will identify postural deviances and their effects on muscle length, treat the disorganized muscles, stretch, and discuss a home exercise plan that will bring balance back into your posture.  You will notice a difference after the first treatment and each subsequent session will show exponentially more and more progress as your body breaks its postural habits and adapts to change. 

At Massage Conscious, you're getting much more than just a massage.  My clients should get the best results possible, so I encourage them to reach out to me at any time with progress reports or questions they may have about their treatment plan.

90 min

Single - $130

3 pack - $360 (save $30)

6 pack - $690 (save $90)

120 min

Single - $170

3 pack - $480 (save $30)

6 pack - $900 (save $120)