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Many modalities, one massage

My method draws from various techniques, each serving its own purpose.

When I work with my client to build their ideal session, I search the entirety of my knowledge and offer what I believe to be the most beneficial customized treatment.

I meet the client where they are and mix modalities as needed to accomodate their needs.

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Everyone can benefit from a full body Swedish massage!  Enjoy decreased stress and toxins with increased circulation and wellness. Though beneficial alone, I frequently recommend Swedish massage seekers try at least some neuromuscular work for getting out those tough knots.  Those who venture beyond traditional massage tend to love the results!


Massage can help athletes prevent injury, recover faster, and make more progress.  My pre-event massage is geared toward injury prevention, preparing muscles to move and work, while my deeper post-event massage will prevent soreness and aid in quicker recovery time.  Athletes tend to overwork and under stretch certain muscle groups; we will bring awareness, education, and treatment to these imbalances.

Myofascial Release

Looking at the fascial system is looking at the BIG picture of muscle interaction and kinesiology.  This technique helps increase range of motion and pairs well with active stretching.  Check out the resources page to learn more about fascia.

Active Stretching

Active stretching involves  a muscle group being stretched while an opposing muscle group  is activated to allow a deeper stretch.  This results in a deeper stretch with less resistance and discomfort.

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Postural Awareness

This is where real change comes from!  Our daily postures are the root of pain for many of us.  I take time with my clients to bring awareness to any compromising postures that could be causing discomfort.

Injury Rehabilitation

When an injury occurs, so can scar tissue, decreased range of motion, stiffness, pain, instability, and spasming.  Physical therapy and simple movement are crucial to recovery, but massage can take recovery further, faster.

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Neuromuscular Massage

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