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Tyler Barfield, LMT NMRT

Licensed Massage Therapist - MT012015

Neuromuscular Rehabilitative Therapist

PSIA Level 1 Alpine Ski Instructor

I graduated from Healing Arts Institute of Fort Collins, CO,

completing over 730 hours of training including an advanced neuromuscular program.

My passion for healing fuels my thirst for knowledge 

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Since truly dedicating myself to my healing process, I have seen drastic improvements in all areas of athletic performance and general wellbeing.  Yoga is the most important aspect my recovery; active stretching and breathing are an integral part of my treatment sessions now.  Resistance training proves effective as well.  Every day, I constantly address my posture in order to break the bad habits I've formed over years of holding inefficient postures while sitting, standing, running, lifting, and everything else.  My time spent in the gym focuses intently on form, compensation correction, and individual muscle fiber contraction.  Inefficient movement is so natural to me that my workout is literally building a new relationship with my body and its ranges of motion.  Forming this awareness through massage and conscious exercise has been by far the most rewarding and effective treatment for my discomforts.  For this reason, I strongly encourage anyone looking for real change to come learn what it is to be massage conscious.

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At the peak of my high level soccer career my right ACL tore, leading to my first taste of sports and medical massage.  Although expense hindered the full participation my recovery demanded, an amazing sports medicine manual therapist helped me in ways in didn't know were possible. The discomfort and instability of my own improperly rehabilitated ACL repair has inspired me to become a healer who changes lives through massage. The silver lining of my injuries: I have personally experienced many of the conditions I now treat.

My personal injury insight has proven invaluable to my clients' recoveries.

Surgeries often result in scar tissue and muscle atrophy which lead to imbalance and compensation, setting the stage for further pain and dysfunction.  My mother was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child.  As an adolescent, she had a steel rod surgically placed in her back to straighten her spine.  The restricted range of motion has since been profound and has left her dealing with migraines regularly.  Her suffering inspired me to further my education.  My school was especially attractive to me because the founder, Gary Salinger, has been using his understanding of bodywork to successfully counteract his own scoliosis patterns.

I now have the ability to prevent others from negative life altering surgeries.

Pastimes & Background

My hobbies and pastimes include yoga, gym, running, biking, long-boarding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, and music.  I played high level competitive soccer in Georgia until age 17, deciding to end my career when my ACL tore.  Participating as a coach and referee allowed me to remain part of the game.  Professionally teaching ski at Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff sparked a new passion in me and laid the groundwork for my athletic postural analysis skills.  I was very fortunate to work with the adaptive ski program, teaching physically and mentally handicapped skiers of any and all varieties with adapted methods and equipment.